Acnelan Peel

Acnelan Peel

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Improve the appearance of acne, clogged pores, skin texture, and scarring.

Ideal treatment for:

  • Reducing active acne
  • Preventing new acne formation
  • Maintaining a healthy skin balance
  • Clearing blocked pores
  • Cleansing the skin and removing impurities
  • Improving skin texture
  • Eliminating acne-causing bacteria
  • Reducing oils
  • Stimulating cell renewal
  • Reducing post-acne pigmentation

The Acnelan peel is an intense clinical treatment for acne-prone skin. It combines a clinical peel treatment with three months of at-home skincare to target acne triggers and prevent recurrence. Acnelan can be used to treat mild to severe acne and effectively reduces active cases while simultaneously preventing the formation of new outbreaks.